On the Return at 2013


I’ve made a comeback!♥


This is icon for social networking website. Th...


And I am fully aware of how I’ve been practically almost “dead” in this site, and what’s worse I almost forgot I even had a WordPress blog to begin with. Apart from being pre-occupied drawing and spending time in DeviantArt, the tasks I have to do in preparation for college graduation this coming June delved me away from blogging and social networking for fun. Growing up sure is harsh!


Rest assured, I am now back and kicking and have a lot of artworks and photos to share with you all– which I will upload one by one. The end of 2012 was very promising to me: I had a blast and met amazing friends DA (DevianArt), won over other artists and advanced to round 2 in a character comic tournament (though I dropped out for academic reasons), and generally saw my improvement for the past few months and still enjoying sharing my expressions through art. I hope I can share it in here too, just as I had in the art site — in a different manner and probably in here I can put all my commentaries on my works without coding and stuff.


I’m not really sure if there are bloggers here who also have an account in DeviantArt, but I do wish to meet a few this year if there are any. Otherwise, I will still do my thing and show my artworks/ stories and comics– and there’s practically nothing holding me back now! Here are few things that I (or you) will expect now that I decided to at least take blogging a little better than before:


  1. After realizing that I can’t really update all the time, I will stick to 2-3 posts a week, but it all depends on the contents of the post. 
  2. Posts range from purely artworks, or with commentaries included, photographs or less frequently some articles and ramblings.


That’s the only ones I can think of, but I’m sure that’s  a change. I should get back to the blogging business once more.


Best regards,




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