Is this what your room looks like?

A few months ago, we were given a choice to do a the thesis individually or with a group to collaborate with. Of course, being one who loves some help form others and the fact I’m not that keen on doing everything by myself  I chose to team up with my friends.

Now here the problems come on which idea will we choose to make an animated film about, my friends have quite a few (in my honest opinion, quite boring) suggestions like– uh, chocolate addiction and other things. Their list is nothing compared to mine, as it was so long it’s ridiculous, there were so many topics in my head but one that stood up the most– something about outcasts and how they deal with the norm. I think my friends said it was to deep and instead chose the whole Introvert Extrovert thing, which is totally okay with me, since that really isn’t that different from my topic. Only  a little bit.

So right now we’re on the beginning stages of the key animation phase, with the storyboard finalized and converted into a story reel. Now we’ve moved on with the environment design, and so far I’ve only manged to finalize the bedrooms only, as the park, bathroom, diner, sari-sari store and school hallway are still under development.

Room of an introvert, from what I can imagine.

Room of an introvert, from what I can imagine.

Ignore the childish scribbles, buit yes, this is the extrovert's room.

Ignore the childish scribbles, but yes, this is the extrovert’s room.

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