Original Characters Time!

It’s been a while that I have drawn any of my original characters from my own stories ever since I got preoccupied with  drawing my fan characters in Pokemon. So I decided to draw them to practice their faces again, though I’m afraid I forgot how I drew them before. How sad.

From left to right: (Clementin,Fortunio, Andre, Annelise, Victorino, Galeno)

From left to right: (Clementin, Fortunio, Andre, Annelise, Victorino and Galeno)

These people above are just some of the many main characters (the protagonist isn’t in there) in the span of those three stories. Someday, once I concluded the stories of my pokemon characters (Harun and Rufina’s) I would find the time to start on this.

Concept art of the "baddies"

Concept art of the “baddies”



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