Start of Art-Filled Summer!

Hello dearies,

Sorry if I made you think I’ve forgotten updating this blog of mine, but rest assured that is not the case. Due to the amount of time I needed to devote my time to our short animation film, I had an unannounced short hiatus. And believe me, it was really draining me of my creativity not drawing anything for myself, now I know how thesis veterans feel when their defense is near.

So much sweat, tears and arguments– but as my friend says, we will just laugh at everything bad that happened. Yes, to be honest, our initial work did not pass the standards. We really cried that day, thinking it was all over– after all, we only have 2 days left to make everything satisfactory. I almost quit and disbanded the group but thanks to my friends’ desire to graduate and not wanting to bum waiting for next year, we decided to turn our crappy project around in just a period of two days. I’m glad we did, but it seriously messed up our sleep patterns.

This video I will share you is our thesis defense, with the topic:

Introverts and Extrovert in Love, this short film is just a simple love story between an introvert guy and a “social butterfly” girl and the bumps in the road they have to deal with before they achive a harmonious relationship. Of course, this is all in the perspective of artists since they both share the love of art, with varying degrees of talent

Unfortunately, english-speakers (which I assume majority of you are) not familiar with the Filipino language may not be able to understand the dialogue. I’m very sorry for that, especially since the core of the whole film lies on those. We aimed for a local atmosphere, hence why we decided to use our own language and not in English. Anyways, this is what kept me from posting anything for a whole month or more.



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