World-building my Dreams

As a kid, I’ve always wanted to go the places that are well beyond our budget, and up until now I still wish I could go only to realize it’s just a dream so faraway unless I’m famous or earned enough money. Going for the latter will take years for an ordinary worker, and by that time I will be well past my prime.

From Europe, the United States, and almost anywhere archaeologists would go to find some artifacts. I never dreamed to be like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones, but I wished to step foot into these places and get a feel of what it’s like to walk a piece of history. Back then, when I am only exposed to American films, the USA was the only destination I have in mind. Back in high school. I’ve developed a fascination for history (and that was years before I even discovered Hetalia), and that interest went beyond the classroom. I read history books, watched NG documentaries and looked at photos in the internet. I have come to realize fully that the world is not just wide physically, but metaphorically too!

Cadencia Bell Tower View

Cantabilia City, Cadencia. I am inspired by Bologna, Italy.

I carried this interest until I gradually came to love drawing and writing rather than trying hard to academically excel. This is the start of my inclination for the arts. That pleasant feeling of picking up a pen or a paintbrush and being able able to draw what I envision in my head.

The creations of my imagination etches itself into my mind like a photograph. Not for long I started to develop an interest in designing whole new places that I can use in my story, inspired by the places I’ve wanted to visit. Iberian Peninsula, the British Isles, Italy and Greece. Yes, quite a lot in Europe, but of course America will still be in my list.


I’ve grown from just wanting to draw a house, and instead I wished to see rows of houses, community parks and all the things that could make this place a lively settlement. Wishing to see a world inside my head is the only way I can think of sating my dreams.


One thought on “World-building my Dreams

  1. Love reading ur post and amazed by your interest,go for your dreams behind u is a supportive and prayerful mother that cares for u as a precious child.

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